Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Look What (Fill in the Blank) Made"

Other than the custom name boards this has also been a good seller. If you are like me, my kids come home from everywhere they go with a new project they have made that they are very proud of and want us to have front and center on the fridge forever. Unfortunately, that fridge fills up fast.

This was the solution for that -

These boards can be customized with the name, font, & color of board.

Vinyl Only - $5.00
Materials to Complete Project - (Unpainted board, vinyl, clothespins) $10.00
Finished Project - $17.00

Custom Name Boards

Our biggest sellers both at the craft sales and on our new etsy site has been customized family name boards. These make great gifts for any occasion - Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Mother's or Father's Day, Christmas.

These are 12X4 inches and can be painted any color and come with a matching ribbon. These samples show fun adjectives describing whoever they are made for. It can also have the traditional meaning of the name going across the name.

Vinyl only - $5
Materials to Create Project - (Unpainted board, vinyl, ribbon)$7.50
Completed Project - $10.00

What grandparent doesn't love to brag about their grandchildren? These can be made to say whatever you call your grandparents. We have made them to say Nana & Papa, Oma & Opa, and Grammy & Pop Pop.

Vinyl only - $10.00
Materials to Create Project - (Unpainted board, vinyl)$15.00
Completed Project - $22.00

These boards were our biggest sellers. The ones shown have all members of the family's names along the center. We had many different sayings people liked to have in the middle. We had "All because two people fell in love" "Established 2008" "Always Kiss Me Goodnight"

Vinyl only - $10.00
Materials to Create Project - (Unpainted board, vinyl)$15.00
Completed Project - $22.00

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Magnet Boards

These are great presents for anyone. They can sit on a plate stand or can be hung on a wall.
It is an easy and fun way to be able to change out pictures often.

We have ones ready to sell that say Our Grandkids or Our Family, but other sayings can also be put on these boards and they can also be created in different colors. We have also made special order ones that said "Our Granddogs" which turned out very cute.

Vinyl Only - $2.00
Materials to create project (unpainted board, magnetic board,vinyl) - $4.00
Completed project- $9.50

These prices do not include the magnets shown, but they are available for $1.00 each.

6 x 8 Shelf Sitters

Here are the sayings we have for the 6X8 shelf sitters - great and simple present! They will come to you packaged in a cellophane bag with ribbon ready to give.

These are nice to have sit on top of a bookshelf or anywhere that doesn't have a lot of room. We have them available already made saying "All Because Two People Fell In Love " and "Always Be Kinder Than Is Necessary"

Vinyl Only - $1.50
Materials to create project - (unpainted board, vinyl) - $3.00
Completed Project - $5.00

12 x 12 Tiles

Tiles are a very nice decoration to add to your home. These pictures are 12X12 tiles we had available for sale at our last craft shows. There are too many quotes available for these to even list. We will be posting a list of sample quotes soon.

These are a great enrichment night project to make. Contact us for group or church rates.

Vinyl Only $7.50
Completed Project $12.00
Customized tiles are a great family gift for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming, or wedding presents. We can personalize this to include anything on the bottom including wedding date, favorite saying or scripture, or a list of children names.

Vinyl only - $10.00
Custom Name Tile: $15.00

Individual handmade magnets - these magnets were made by our 3 teenage daughters to sell at our craft sale. We have all kinds available. If you are looking for a specific type of pattern on them, just let us know,.

Price - $1.00 each

These are inventory from our craft sales available. They are blocks measuring 6X8 with various sayings on them. What a great present for friends, co-workers, or anyone you are looking for a simple and pretty present for. I will try and get pictures of each of the different sayings uploaded.

6 x 8 Shelf Sitters $6.00

Peninsula Winterfest Booth

This is a picture of our booth at the Peninsula Winterfest Booth.

We have the Family, Welcome, and Home boards available for quick shipping now.
Family, Welcome and Home Boards $15.00

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