Monday, August 30, 2010

Wood - REMIX!

Last year we purchased about 200 or so boards in the hopes of making frames to sell at our shows. After a day of cutting angles, gluing corners and generally scratching our heads we finally decided to give up. The lesson we learned was that frames are not so easy to make and that we should leave it to the experts! The end result was that we ended up with a ton of leftover boards with nothing to do with them. Big waste of money...right? They ended up sitting in a corner of my garage for the next year.

The other night I started thinking I could make something with those old boards. Seasonal yard stakes came to mind and I commenced designing them. The result is below. I am done with the Halloween and Fall options. I am still working on the Christmas and Winter ones. What do you think? I think they came out pretty cute. I am still trying to figure out some cute saying to put on the top part of the Halloween one. I am thinking something like "Welcome Spooks!" or "All Spooks Welcome" or something like that. I would love your ideas! Look for these on sale at our next show which is the Tacoma Dome Holiday Gift Show beginning on October 20th. They will be $20 each. We will be in booth #517 so be sure to stop by and see us. Many more new projects to come.


The Keenan Family said...

Those are SO cute! I love them!

Hayley's Comment said...

Hi! My name is Hayley Thompson and I believe Analisa Walk is in your ward. She gave me your website and I love everything. I will be joining her in October for Super Friday? I love these fall ones. I'm getting married in a barn on October first and would love to order one from you and get it early if at all possible before the wedding of course! I will probably add two wood stakes that has one arrow pointing to the reception site and one pointing to the ceremony site! My email address is Please contact me would love to order one and soon. I could come pick it up too!

Chantel said...

You're not going to be willing to mail them will you? I would love one!!

Crystal said...

do you spray paint your wood?

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