Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ordering Deadline Update!!!

Holy Moly! Have we been busy! Thank you all for the overwhelming response to our Super Saturday projects. We have barely had a chance to come up for air the past few weeks. As you know, in addition to doing Super Saturday crafts, we are also preparing for several fall and holiday craft shows.


We will not be fulfilling any orders between the dates of October 15th and October 24th. IF YOU ARE ORDERING KITS AND NEED TO HAVE THEM WITHIN THIS DATE RANGE, YOU MUST ORDER ON OR BEFORE OCTOBER 14th. If you are ordering kits that do not need to arrive until after October 24th, then you might want to place your order as soon as possible as we will not be working on Super Saturday kits during this time frame.

As always, we ask for a minimum of two weeks notice when placing orders. This is especially important as we approach a very busy month with these critical black-out dates. We just want to make sure everyone is well aware of these restrictions.

Thank you for your understanding and as always...HAPPY CRAFTING!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Double-sided FUN!

My life is crazy right now! Like I said before, I am actually dreaming vinyl. The other night I was thinking of something like these double sided holiday boards pictured below. You can use them for both Christmas and Halloween by just turning them around. CUTE! Huh? The possibilities with this are endless. I have all kinds of other holiday words running through my brain. We will have these available at our Tacoma Dome Holiday Gift Show coming up in October and they will be $30 each.

I also made these little cuties. I wish I could say I came up with this idea but regretfully I didn't. I saw it somewhere else and just put my own little spin on it. These will be $7.50 each.
Look for both of these available next year as Super Saturday kits.
Happy crafting!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Little Clarification....

It seems that there has been a lot of confusion around our previous post about taking a break. We are just taking a break from single orders for individuals that are not ordering them for Super Saturday activities. We are doing that so that we can focus on fulfilling Super Saturday orders.

If you have a full Super Saturday order, just email us at
We usually repond to you within 24 hours with a Paypal invoice. Once we receive your payment, we get started on your order right away. Be sure to include the date of your activity in your email so that we are sure to get things to you in time.

We will resume taking single orders October 25th after the Tacoma Dome Holiday Gift Show that we are participating in. You will plenty of time to make your craft before Christimas.

Sorry for the confusion! ORDER AWAY....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Time for a Break....

We are so excited for everything we have coming up in the next few weeks....

It is now time to fulfill all the different Super Saturday full orders. We want to be able to fulfill all the orders we receive in a timely manner.

Therefore we will stop taking orders for individual items at 9am on Friday September 24th.

This DOES NOT apply to full Super Saturday Orders.

If you have ordered Super Saturday or Craft Night samples from us and ready with your full order, just send us an email to We are ready to fill those orders.

We will be resuming orders again Tuesday Ovtober 26th at 9am after the Tacoma Dome Holiday Gift Show.

Thanks so much for all your orders. We are really excited to hear how your Super Saturdays go.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Check These Out!

It has been another whirlwind week at Windmill Lettering. Thank you everyone to your overwhelming response to our craft kits. It gives a tremendous amount of satisfaction and joy to know that so many others are enjoying what we do. Thank you also for your patience as we work day and night to keep up with the demand. We will get you just as soon as we possibly can.

As I have mentioned before, in addition to fulfilling new orders, we are trying to prepare for our fall shows. This week I made the following new items. I think they all came out pretty dang cute!
Just a reminder that we will be at Tacoma Dome Holiday gift show October 20 - 25 in booths 517 and 519. Look for these and many more new items there!
Halloween quote blocks - We had a customer custom order this saying from us and I thought it was so cute that I decided to make some blocks of our own. ADORABLE! and super fun to get the kids excited for Halloween!

Believe signs - This is another one of my favorites. We have done these on tiles before but I thought it would be fun to shrink them down a bit and put them on a decoupaged board. I think they came out pretty cute.

Single Holiday blocks - These are the perfect little touch for a desk or a entry hall table to welcome the season. I have made them for Christmas and Halloween as shown but have plans to do them for Fall and Winter as well.

Knob blocks - I changed out all of my knobs in my kitchen a little while ago and had all these extra knobs laying around. The problem was, they were brass. I fixed that quickly with a can of brushed nickel spray paint and voila....I made these cute blocks with a variety of different sayings. The organza ribbon gives it just the decorative touch it needs. Fun...huh? And a great way to recycle.

More to come next week! Stay tuned and keep crafting!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Countin' Down...A Different Way

The Countdown Blocks we have done for Super Saturday's have been so popular, I thought I would come up with a different version. I just finished making a bunch of these for our craft shows coming up in October (excuse the poor picture, it was taken with a cell phone. I will take a better one soon). The numbers are attached to a piece of metal covered in cute seasonal scrapbook paper. To make them extra cute and to give them a finished look, the metal is surrounded in red rick-rack. The snowflake is a magnet that you move down everyday (starting on December 1st) to count down to the big day. Oh...and don't you love the new scroll hanger? I am not sure I want to add a piece of ribbon yet. I sort of like the simple look. Anyway, we have a bunch of those metal scroll hangers on hand so look for some fun new projects using those.

And...I have also now finished the Christmas yardstakes and love love love the way they came out. The jingle bells make them really fun. I still have to finish the Winter ones but look for those soon.

I absolutely LOVE crafting! My head is spinning with ideas...stay tuned for more coming soon! Happy Crafting!

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We look forward to working with you. Happy Crafting!