Thursday, March 19, 2009

We've Been Bitten!

Twilight is all the rage right now and it has hit the vinyl business. Valerie (aka our President of Marketing and Customer Relations) and her family traveled to Forks a couple of weeks ago. While there she was doing some shopping and came across a store there called "Dazzled" that sells all kinds of Twilight memorabilia. Being the social butterfly she is and not being one to pass up an opportunity, she struck up a conversation with the owner and the next thing you know we are designing everything Twilight. I personally do not know a whole lot about it but I am following Valerie's directions and creating new projects ideas that she can market to the store. The owner there is very interested in our products and we hope to have a big order soon. Here is a little of what we created. If you have any other ideas, feel free to share!

These are trio-stacker blocks. So far we have about 8 different designs. Here are the first couple we have made:

These are similar to the "Welcome" blocks listed in a previous post but they spell all thing Twilight. There are 9 blocks in each set and they spell 11 words that we know of. There may be others that we have not thought of. :)


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