Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Super Saturday

Today I spent most of the day designing and creating some new project for Super Saturday ideas and kits. All of these items can also be found on our Etsy site if you are interested in ordering any. Here are a few new ideas:
Family Home Evening Chart:

Measures 8" x 24" and comes with double vinyl, 6 pegs and 6 personalized family names. If you need more...or less...than that, just let us know and we can customize the order for you.

Finished Project - $35
Kit (includes vinyl, board, and pegs) - $18
Vinyl Only - $12
Shipping is additional.

President Hinckley's "B's" sign

Measures 12" x 12" and comes as shown. We would be happy to customize this with any combination of colors and vinyl that you would like. Can be displayed on an easel or hung on a wall.

Finished Project - $12
Kit (included vinyl, board and ribbon) - $9
Vinyl only - $6
Shipping is additional

Magnetic Picture Boards

There are two options here. A small board and a larger board. The small board measures 10" long and comes with a 8" x 5" piece of metal. The larger board measures 14" long and comes with a 12" x 8" piece of metal. Both are adorable and are a great way to display your pictures. These would be great for desk in an office.


Finished Project - $8
Kit (includes wood, vinyl and metal) - $5
Vinyl only - $1.50

Finished Project - $12
Kit (includes wood, vinyl and metal) - $8
Vinyl only - $2.50
Shipping is additional.


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